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I create convenient websites that solve the tasks of your business. Minimum unnecessary details and noise, maximum sense and benefit.
Glad you're here, let's get acquainted
I am Katya and for 2 years I have created more than 20 websites for small businesses and experts.
In my work, I combine creative and analytical approaches. This makes my websites structured, understandable, and convenient. I work as a freelance designer and sometimes collaborate with various agencies.

I live in Switzerland. The geography of my projects: Russia, Belarus, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia, the USA, and the UAE.
What I create
Landing page
A one-page website, business card website, or promotional website for selling a single product or service. Custom design, development on no-code platforms, and adaptation for all devices.
from 10 working days / from 400 euro
Multi-page website
from 20 working days / from 800 euro
A corporate website, informational website, or catalog website with internal pages, combined in a menu. Unique design, custom website development for companies and businesses with more than one service or product.
Online store
from 20 working days / on request
A website for selling goods with a payment system and shopping cart. a ready-made website from design to development, release, and setup of payment systems and notifications.
Figma design
from 7 working days / 18 euro per hour
creation of a website design in a graphic editor and preparation of the layout for development. the service also includes help with texts, adaptation to up to 5 resolutions, supervision during the website layout, and transfer of all source materials.
Prototype development
from 3 working days / from 200 euro
Preparation of a detailed website prototype, structuring of information, and development of persuasive texts. It Includes briefing, niche and competitor analysis, as well as the development of the website/landing page structure.
No-code development
from 7 working days / 20 euro per hour
Website development without programming using Tilda or Webflow platforms. layout of your design concept on the chosen platform with adaptation for all devices, technical and basic SEO settings.
A competent process is half the result
It is important to me that the working relationships is comfortable and the cooperation is stress-free.
Therefore, I advocate for transparency and adequate human communication. I share all materials, you can see the process in Figma and the roadmap in Notion, and you know at which stage development is currently at. Also, I am always available on Telegram or email, even after the project launch.
Development stages
(01) Briefing
We have a 30-40 minute call to get acquainted. We discuss the project's goals, objectives, competitors, and target audience.
(02) Agreement on terms
After the call, I prepare a commercial proposal that describes the scope, deadlines, and cost of the work. I offer several rates to choose from.
(03) Gathering materials
You send all the materials (photos, videos, texts, presentations, illustrations, logos, etc.). We choose the style for the future website.
(04) Prototyping
I create a prototype, structure all the received information, analyze competitors, and develop the logic of the future website.
(05) Design
I develop the design, taking into account the details approved earlier. The desktop version is the first, then I adapt the design to the necessary resolutions.
(06) Layout
I build the website using no-code platforms and make technical settings and basic SEO settings. Alternatively, I prepare the design concept for your developer to take over.
Important collaboration nuances
Number of revisions
Sequential development
// revisions
Each development stage includes 2 packages of revision. Unused revision packages are not carried over to the next stage. If you think the number of iterations should be higher, we can include this in the development cost.
I don't write texts, but I can help you structure and supplement the information that already exists or find a copywriter to write all texts from scratch.
// Text
I strictly follow the development stages in my work. This means that we move on to the next stage only after we have fully agreed on the previous one. This approach allows designing the website efficiently and without many revisions.
// process
If necessary and by prior agreement, all costs for licensed photos, videos and fonts are additionally paid. Also, the cost of the domain and subscription to the no-code platform (Tilda, Webflow) is not included in the cost of the site development.
// additional expenses
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